Vote for your Favorite Memes

Voting on XCH.LOL is done by roasting 🥔(POTATO), a Chia Asset Token (CAT) that is the root of the Chia meme economy.

🥔 Asset ID: de6b7e0dec3b3b68779f9331973270f52a4172cd84f47f7742432ab85ca33458

🥔 Roaster address: xch1lwg6qkdehdlywzlah8wpx99mt5x2z5a8x4dq5vuwkpurkas6zujs9r0ast

Send 🥔 with meme ID(s) in the memo field. Detailed instructions below

XCH.LOL Potato Roaster

Step 1: Acquire 🥔

  • There are several ways to acquire 🥔. Do not overpay for 🥔! It will always be worthless!
  • You can also post an Offer File to get free 🥔 on this Twitter Thread
  • There will be other ways to acquire 🥔 for its pegged value of $0. SoonTM

Step 2: Send 🥔 to the roaster with a memo

  • Use a Chia wallet that supports memos, such as the reference GUI wallet or Pawket.
  • Send 🥔 to the roaster address with a memo that specifies the meme(s) you want to vote for.
    • You can find the meme ID in the URL. For example, the meme at has ID ys8FT6s (case sensitive!)
  • The amount of 🥔 sent determines the number of votes. If more than one meme is specified, the number of votes are divided evenly.
    • 🥔 Roaster address: xch1lwg6qkdehdlywzlah8wpx99mt5x2z5a8x4dq5vuwkpurkas6zujs9r0ast
    • Example memos:
  • Don't forget to include an appropriate transaction fee! 0.001 XCH (1 billion mojos) should work.
  • Roasting 🥔 is irreversible!
Pawket Wallet 🥔 Roasting Example
Pawket Wallet Roasting Example
Chia Reference Wallet 🥔 Roasting Example
Chia Reference Wallet Roasting Example

Step 3: Wait for 🥔 roast

Once the transaction is confirmed, it may take up to 30-60 minutes for votes to be processed and reflected on XCH.LOL. It's a slow roast.